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Soon after, the administration conducted an organizational review and established specific programs focused on research and development, faculty development, enrollment, curriculum review, and a high ranking and firm board performance for its colleges.

It was a period of transition for MCU as the administration and the colleges adapted to the times. The redirection yielded positive results as most MCU programs surpassed board examinations national passing averages. The favorable average board performances are reflective of the improvements implemented by the colleges. There was also a significant number of board topnotchers.

On top of the good MCU colleges' board examination results, there were 100% passing performances by first takers.

In 2009, Optometry and Dentistry. In 2010, Dentistry. In 2011, Optometry, Medicine and Dentistry. In 2012, Optometry. In 2013, Physical Therapy, Nursing, Midwifery, Medicine, and Dentistry in practical examinations. In 2014, Optometry, Medical Technology, Midwifery, Medicine, and Dentistry in practical examinations.