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Pavlov First Saint Petersburg State Medical Universtiy     

The Pavlov First Saint-Petersburg State Medical University was founded in September 14 (26) 1897 as the Medical Institute for Women. It was the first institution in Europe that provided an opportunity for women to acquire higher medical education.

Soon after the founding, the Women's Medical Institute (WMI) became a reputable institution and represented a recognized model for higher medical education and medical science. Clinics and departments of the WMI developed and implemented the most advanced methods of diagnostics and treatment.University has changed a few names since the time of its foundation: the Women's Medical Institute of St. Petersburg (1918).

The First Medical Institute of Leningrad, also known as the 1st Med(1924). This name went down in history of St. Petersburg and Russian medicine. In 1936 the First Medical Institute was named in honor of the Nobel Prize winner Academician I.P. Pavlov. In 1994 the First Medical Institute was reorganized into a medical university that received its present name.