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Study Abroad/Maldova

  maldova is also a great center of learning for medical students.  

Study Abroad/Maldova

maldova is also a great center of learning for medical students.

Moldova, officially the Republic of Moldova is a landlocked country in Eastern Europe located between Romania to the west and Ukraine to the north, east, and south. Since the collapse of the Soviet Union, the relative weight of the service sector in the economy of Moldova started to grow and began to dominate the GDP (now about 63.5%), as a result of decrease in industry and agriculture.

The Republic of Moldova was part of the Soviet Union at the end of World War II. Moldova in Eastern Europe sets between Romania, Ukraine, and Chisinau. In 1991, Moldova became an independent state and started to grow economically through manufacturing, agriculture, wine industry, fishing and mining.

Moldova has a fabulous tourist industry. The natural landscapes and ancient history attract the tourist industry every year. Romanesti, Ciumai, Purcari, Mici, Milestii, Circova and Cojusna are the seven popular vineyards offering wonderful wine tours that attract the tourists.

Why MBBS in Maldova

Students all around the world are thinking about study in Moldova for their international higher education and degree.

Moldova has become one of the UK's top destinations to study. Study is flexible in all of their excellent institutions. International students are going to Moldova every year to take advantage of the wonderful higher educational system. The educational system in Moldova is of the highest quality of excellence and known to be equal to higher educational universities in America, such as Cambridge and Harvard.

Once the student has earned their degree, this educational decision makes future job resumes stand out. An international degree opens up an array of job possibilities because the student has a new vision and understanding of the dynamics in Europe.

Benefits Of MBBS in Maldova

No pre qualifying exams like GRE, TOFEL, SAT, IELTS etc.

Low tuition fees & cost of living

Internship compulsory in India

Best faculty available

Maldovian government medical universities

Best syllabus and books

World Health Organization (WHO) recognized. Eligible for USMLE (USA), PLAB (UK) etc.

No entrance exam. No capitation fee/ donation

Medical Council of India (MCI) approved

Indian food available

6 years course
(+1 Year of Internship)

English medium course