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Nicolae Testemianu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy     

"Nicolae Testemitanu" State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova is an institution of higher education, accredited at the national level (2001, 2007) assessed by international bodies (2001, 2005). It offers optimal conditions of university and post-university training of medical and pharmaceutical specialists through residency in conformity with demands of European educational space and international requirements, providing them subsequently with training through clinical internship, doctoral and post-doctoral courses and continuing training throughout the course of their practical activity.

The training process is closely related to research, provision of qualified medical care to population, popularization of modern achievements of medicine and pharmacy.

Teaching and scientific capacities of SUMPh are remarkable for special expertise combined with knowledge of foreign languages and information technologies. The training strategy of the University springs from nice traditions of medical schools of the last century, but is focused continually on essential changes in methods of organization of higher medical education.

The present reform of the curriculum that is in the process of implementation refers to a substantial renovation of syllabi, the use of new training offerings, application of the European System of transferable academic credits, implementation of information and modern communication technologies, advanced forms and methods in realization of the process of teaching-learning-evaluation.